Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Omega Seamaster GMT White Dial Orange Bezel Stainless Steel Case 622718 Replica

I was going through my collection of replica watches-gold, stainless steel, black strap, brown strap. Suddenly I wanted a hint of color in my watch and I found the Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch. The authenticity of an original should be easy to see compared to a replica but this is not the case all the time.  At first glance, everything looks good but it goes beyond  good when you look at it closely. I love how a replica shows little to no flaws in the naked eyes and sometimes even by the expert’s unless a tool is used to open the back casing.

You might feel unbelivable to see almost no difference between an authentic Omega watch and this replica.  Top grade materials and the same expertise in Swiss watches making have been used  to replicate in perfection. Let me explain why I prefer buying a replica.

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Why buy the Omega Seamaster replica watch?

I buy watches because of its function, durability, and personal taste in design so I can wear it whenever I want to. Omega Seamaster replica gives me the opportunity to wear an almost authentic time piece for a very affordable price. From the wide display, elegant , stainless-steel bracelet, cool design, great color combination,  and durability Omega is famous for is all in one. I recommend buying a replica because no one will know unless someone will strip it off. Its always best to buy an authentic. But if you still don’t have enough money, a replica is the next best thing.

Comparison of Omega Seamaster replica with the genuine model

People are making a fuss over ways on how to detect a replica. I say, good luck with that! Here are some reasons why. Omega Seamaster GMT White Dial Orange Bezel Stainless Steel Case 622718 Replica may not have the name “Omega” stamped inside but who’s to know when it is clasped on my wrist?

When it comes to luminosity, mine works perfectly fine. It may not be as bright as the original but it is bright and clear enough to help me check the time.

Great color combination for a fun and casual look while maintaining a dignified aura. The tinge of orange breaks the monotone of any gets up without wearing too loud colors.

People say the date display is a telltale sign of a replica but mine has a decent size date display. I see the numbers clearly without looking at it closely.

There are other models in the series of Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch at You can choose the traditional to a more daring and adventurous styling with the widest selection of replica watches to start your own collection.

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Main Features of Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Some of the things I consider when buying a replica is the watch’s main features. Sometimes, functions are not so important as long as the basics are covered.

Dial – The perfect, clean whiteness of the dial is a great contrast to the orange bezel for a hint of color.

Bracelet – Links made from the most durable stainless- steel can be adjusted to fit a gentleman’s wrist. 

Case – Designed with a brushed stainless-steel case with a thickness of 15mm. Back-in case made from brushed stainless-steel with center revealing mechanics complete with Seamaster series engraving Planet Ocean.

Movement – I got my replica with a very affordable price but  still get to enjoy a kinetic –automatic movement exclusive to luxury and high priced watches.


Omega Seamaster GMT Replica Watch: The Bottom Line

Considering the benefits I can get from a replica, I find no reason why this shouldn’t be the alternative for others as well.  Besides, Omega Seamaster replica works as smoothly as an original and looks exactly as stylish. I can wear it with confidence knowing paid for it with just a scrape of an authentic price. It will last longer too like an original as long as I know how to take care of it.

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Omega Seamaster GMT replica watch

Additional Information for Omega Seamaster replica 

Back– snap-in back

Band Type-Stainless-Steel

Bezel-24-hour marker cutwork bezel orange enamel polished stainless-steel

Bracelet-Polished stainless-steel link bracelet comes with logo engraved on the brushed stainless-steel buckle fold-in clasp

Bracelet Length-205x20mm

Case-Brushed stainless-steel with thickness of 15mm.

Crown– cutwork crown made from polished stainless steel engraved with Omega logo. It also comes with  a cutwork crown right at the top corner of the opposite side.




Glass-Sapphire Crystal


Quality-Japanese Miyota


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